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download-icon39 V4 Engine Production and Assembly Line

download-icon40 V4 Engine Production and Assembly Line

download-icon07 Vespa 946 production line

download-icon08 Vespa Factory Engine Assembly

download-icon09 Vespa production line

download-icon10 Vespa production line

download-icon11 Vespa Factory

download-icon12 Vespa 946 production in Pontedera

download-icon13 Engine Plant

download-icon14 Pontedera machinery

download-icon15 Pontedera machinery

download-icon01 Vespa Welding Dpt

download-icon02 Vespa Welding Dpt

download-icon03 Vespa Welding Dpt

download-icon04 Vespa Welding Dpt

download-icon05 Vespa Welding Dpt

download-icon06 Vespa Welding Dpt

download-icon01 painting department

download-icon02 painting department

download-icon03 painting department

download-icon04 painting robot

download-icon05 painting robot

download-icon06 painting robot

download-icon07 painting robot

download-icon08 painting robot

download-icon09 painting robot

download-icon10 painting robot

download-icon11 painting robot

download-icon12 painting robot

download-icon13 painting robot

download-icon14 painting robot

download-icon15 painting Department in Pontedera

download-icon16 painting Department in Pontedera

download-icon17 Vespa Painting Dpt

download-icon18 Vespa Painting Dpt

download-icon19 Vespa Painting Dpt

download-icon20 Vespa Painting Dpt

download-icon21 Vespa Painting Dpt