november 23, 2021 - Aprilia




Aprilia SR GT is a brand-new concept on the compact GT scooter landscape. Aprilia SR GT is in fact the first “urban adventure” scooter by Aprilia, designed to re-inject the fun into everyday riding in the city, but also over long distances and less travelled paths, thanks to enduro-inspired equipment that makes it the ideal companion in every situation.

The Aprilia SR GT expands the Aprilia Urban Mobility range, a line of extremely functional vehicles that trace the evolution of urban mobility and are designed to make everyday trips increasingly safe, simple and exciting, in pure Aprilia style. The Aprilia Urban Mobility line already includes the eSR1 and eSR2 electric scooters and Aprilia SXR 50, the small urban scooter with content that is usually reserved to a higher category of vehicle.
On the Aprilia SR GT, an active riding position and motorcycle-inspired wide, naked handlebar offer ultimate control, while long-travel suspension and increased ground clearance ensure any obstacle is easily surmounted when riding in the city. And the tyres, with their generous cross-section and “all terrain” tread design, allow the rider to adventure on any surface, from asphalt to cobblestones and white roads.

All of this is combined with the unmistakeable Aprilia sports design, the very latest 125 and 200 cc i-get engines complete with Start & Stop system for top-class performance, and comprehensive equipment that includes full LED lights, LCD instrumentation and the APRILIA MIA connectivity system (optional). 

A unique style, with sports lines and a nod to the motorcycle world
The versatility of Aprilia SR GT is immediately clear from its style details, with strong references to the racing character of Aprilia sports bikes, but also the off-road world.
Side-on, Aprilia SR GT is compact, with reduced overhang and taut, dynamic lines that emphasise its sports nature. As well as housing the tank, the central tunnel serves to connect the front and rear, giving SR GT the appearance of a motorcycle. Added to this is the licence plate, which is positioned on the rear wheel to leave a slimmer tail section. Perfectly integrated into the design, the passenger grab handles and full LED rear light cluster complete with turn signals also make an impression.
With the focus firmly on fun, the Aprilia SR GT riding position is less rearward and more "active" with respect to a traditional compact GT scooter. But the rider can adopt a different position, with their feet further forward on the footpegs, for a more relaxed riding style that is less tiring over long distances. This is possible thanks to an ergonomic footpeg, the external part of which resembles the shape of the protective plates on off-road bikes.
Standing out at the front is the full LED three-element light cluster, typical of Noale sports bikes, as well as the double fairing that emerges to the sides of the shield, but there is also a clear enduro influence, with the suspended windscreen and wide, naked handlebar that contributes to a sense of total control, particularly when manoeuvring at low speed in city traffic. The handlebar is fixed to the vehicle with a refined die-cast aluminium riser that bears the Aprilia logo, while the ergonomic and intuitive handlebar control sets are clearly motorcycle-derived.

The instrumentation is fully digital, the large LCD display providing all vehicle data, as well as a wide range of travel information, which can be selected with the MODE button on the left-hand control block. If the APRILIA MIA connectivity system (available on request) is present, once a smartphone is connected to the vehicle via Bluetooth, the instrument panel will also display notifications regarding incoming calls and messages. The system also enables call management using the specific connectivity button on the right-hand control block and the use of vocal commands to make calls or play music, by activating a playlist. 

Unstoppable in the city and ready for adventure
A joy to ride, Aprilia SR GT is designed to make any trip a thrill. The chassis exploits that renowned Aprilia know-how in the frame field, a guarantee of precise dynamic behaviour.
The double cradle frame in high-resistance steel tubing is a new concept that ensures extreme stiffness, with clear benefits in terms of the riding precision and front feeling. All this combined with a significant weight saving, a result of the latest production techniques.
The frame is also paired with new long-travel suspension, developed specifically for this model. The front boasts a Showa fork with 33 mm stanchions and 122 mm of travel, 22% more than that of its closest competitor, while the rear features two double-acting Showa shock absorbers with coil spring and five-position adjustable pre-load, and travel equating to 102 mm, which is 7% more than the competition. This particular configuration, combined with specific suspension calibration, boosts control, comfort and safety, especially over uneven surfaces, but without impacting on the riding pleasure.

With its sophisticated chassis, a weight of just 144 kg with a full tank (148 kg for the 200 version) and light alloy rims - 14” at the front and 13” at the rear - with wide cross-section tyres (110/80 and 130/70), Aprilia SR GT offers excellent agility and handling in traffic, but is also stable at more sustained speeds.
The braking system uses a 260 mm petal front disc. Lighter and better able to dissipate heat, this makes for better performance, while the rear features a 220 mm disc (petal-shaped on the 200 and 125 Sport versions).
Aprilia SR GT 125 comes with the combined braking system, while SR GT 200 is complete with a single channel ABS anti-lock system developed by Aprilia together with Bosch. The electronic brake control system prevents the front wheel from locking in the case of any violent braking, or on surfaces with little grip.

Aprilia SR GT also stands out for its minimum ground clearance of 175 mm, a never-before-seen value for traditional compact GT scooters. This allows the rider to easily surmount any bumps in the road and descend from any altitude. All these characteristics, together with "all-terrain" tyres with a slightly knobby tread, make Aprilia SR GT extremely flexible and suited to any type of use. Unstoppable in the city, where obstacles such as cobblestones, tram lines, manhole covers, potholes and uneven asphalt are common, SR GT is also ready for exciting journeys, during which the rider can even leave the asphalt and venture onto white roads.
So covering long distances is no problem at all, thanks also to a generous tank, its 9-litre capacity translating into a range of roughly 350 km.
A 25-litre under-seat compartment can accommodate a full jet helmet, while additional accessories ensure the Aprilia SR GT is always ready to travel, one example being the strong and very roomy 33-litre aluminium top case. 

Latest generation i-get engines, for top-class performance
Aprilia SR GT also makes a mark on the compact GT scooter segment with its engine power and efficiency. Belonging to the i-get family, this pair of very modern Euro 5-approved units with electronic injection, four valves and liquid cooling are the product of know-how at the Piaggio Group R&D centre for scooter engines, the most important in Europe.
Alongside the 125 cc i-get single-cylinder, accredited with maximum power of 11 kW at 8750 rpm and torque that reaches 12 Nm at 6500 rpm, the Aprilia SR GT 200 introduces the brand-new 174 cc single-cylinder, which boasts 13 kW of power at 8500 rpm and 16.5 Nm of torque at 7000 rpm. Values of absolute reference, which ensure elasticity, rapid pick-up and a smooth ride in all conditions.
Results that are achieved with meticulous work across a large number of components, with the aim of optimising the thermodynamic performance. In particular, the new 200 cc engine adopts an aluminium cylinder with Nikasil coating (a motorcycle-derived solution), a new piston with updated crown geometry, and a new head that contributes to optimising the combustion efficiency.
Better engine performance also calls for more efficient heat extraction, while the CVT transmission complete with larger clutch is revised in order to suit the engine's new power curve.

All models in the Aprilia SR GT range are equipped with the Start & Stop system known as RISS (Regulator Inverter Start & Stop System). The system does away with the traditional starter, which is replaced with a brushless electrical device installed directly on the crankshaft. There are many advantages, not least a quieter start, increased lightness and reliability, and lower fuel consumption. The Start & Stop system automatically switches off the engine 1 to 5 seconds after the scooter has stopped (depending on whether the engine has reached its correct operating temperature or not). A slight twist of the throttle is enough to instantly re-start the engine, in total silence, as there is no traditional starter.

All of which translates into engines that are extremely frugal in their fuel consumption, with a WMTC cycle distance of 40 km/l for SR GT 125 and 38.5 km/l for SR GT 200

A gritty Sport version joins the range
As well as a more classic version, Aprilia SR GT also offers a Sport trim, which boasts grittier, more sports-oriented graphics and finishes.
Aprilia SR GT is available in three colours, Street Grey, Infinity Blue and the new matte Asphalt Black, each paired with silvery grey footpegs, sides and passenger grab handles. The wheels are black, the saddle black with grey stitching.
The Sport version comes even closer to the typical liveries of Aprilia sports bikes, offering Street Gold, Iridium Grey and Red Raceway matte colour schemes, which are combined with red painted wheels and a two-colour black and grey saddle with red stitching. The silvery grey footpegs feature Aprilia lettering, while the central tunnel and sides are matte black, with passenger grab handles to match the vehicle. A large 'a' for Aprilia features at the sides of the shield. 

The range of accessories for Aprilia SR GT is designed to increase vehicle comfort and functionality.
A 32-litre top box is also available, spacious enough to hold a flip-up helmet. In combination with the spacious under-seat storage compartment, this further increases cargo capacity. The back rest, in the same colour and material as the seat, is available separately, as is the practical inner bag, created to suit the shape of the top box.
The 33-litre aluminium top box is designed for those who want their SR GT to be even more travel-ready. Spacious and resistant, it comes complete with an hermetic seal to prevent any water or dust from getting in, even in more extreme conditions of use.
The larger and more protective windscreen incorporates hand guards and is produced in shockproof transparent methacrylate so as to ensure the best protection against atmospheric agents as well as excellent visibility.
Perimeter protectors, in matte black steel tubing, emphasise the sporty lines of the vehicle and protect it from any accidental impacts. These protectors integrate supports for the assembly of LED fog lights. The latter are also available as an accessory, and integrate perfectly with the design of the vehicle, allowing for greater visibility and safety during night-time riding.
Rounding out the accessories range are the APRILIA MIA connectivity system with which to connect a smartphone to the vehicle via Bluetooth, a mechanical seat/handlebar anti-theft system, an electronic anti-theft system, a smartphone support bracket and indoor and outdoor bike covers.