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november 01, 2017 - Piaggio Veicoli Commerciali

Piaggio Porter range

Piaggio Porter and Porter Maxxi have been completely revamped on a technical level, increasing performance, environmental friendliness and fuel savings. Indeed, owing to the new Euro 6 MultiTech petrol engine, performance has increased, while harmful emissions and fuel consumption have decreased. 

The new offer comprises clean, high-performance engines combined with exceptional versatility in the outfittings to guarantee a wide range of choices that meets any mobility need. 

The new engines highlight the vehicle's agility and compact size, as well as the extraordinary ratio between size and cargo capacity, which are at the core of Porter and Porter Maxxi's commercial success.

They feature new interiors, more finely crafted finishes and embellished outfitting. ABS and EBD are also now available on Porter Maxxi, whereas the ESC system comes standard on all models.

The compact, efficient MultiTech petrol engine is also fitted on the Bi-Fuel Eco-Power (petrol+LPG) and Green-Power (petrol+methane) versions. 


A commitment to the environment, improving quality of life and reducing energy resource usage have always been core elements in the success of the corporate strategy and development plans implemented by the Piaggio Group and Piaggio Commercial Vehicles

With the 2016 Porter range the path to revamping, which involved all commercial vehicles made by Piaggio, has probably reached its highest level yet. The brand new Euro 6 engine is on the cutting edge in terms of power and torque, while it simultaneously makes drastic decreases in fuel consumption and polluting emissions. This, together with the new characteristics of safety and comfort, set the entire 2016 Porter range apart, now equipped with ABS and ESC stability control as standard.

The MultiTech petrol engine fitted in the Porter and Porter Maxxi is a completely new unit. It is a 1299cc double camshaft four-cylinder with 16 valve chain driven valve train that complies with Euro 6 standards. The power train is capable of guaranteeing significantly improved performance: power now reaches 61 kW (+ 9 kW compared with the previous engine), whereas torque comes in at 112 Nm (+ 7 Nm), against reduced fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. The new Euro 6 MultiTech engine is available with three different fuel solutions (petrol, petrol+LPG, petrol+methane) straight from the factory. 

The main characteristics of the new MultiTech engine:

Combustion: it has been completely revisited in order to reduce polluting emissions to comply with the Euro 6 standard with OBD 2 diagnostics. 

  • New combustion chamber
  • Pistons with anti-friction surface treatment to reduce noise and consumption

Head: completely redesigned

  • New intake and output ducts
  • New intake manifold made from plastic

Double overhead camshaft timing: for more precision in the induction and exhaust strokes, resulting in greater combustion efficiency and improved fuel economy

  • Four valves per cylinder
  • Larger valves 
  • New Vice-type chain to reduce noise
  • New tappets with integrated buckets instead of pads to reduce noise

Aluminium alloy crankcase: made to reduce weight without compromising strength

  • Open deck crankcase with fused cylinder liners in order to reach the correct operating temperature more quickly 
  • Increased bore and reduced stroke to improve power output, performance and decrease emissions at the same time
  • 3 layer (instead of 2) metallic-type head gasket for even more engine reliability

Indirect injection: the electronically managed and monitored multipoint injection system ensures a more regular fuel flow. The resulting quietness, efficiency and lower running costs are the product of years of experience and development of this system.

Electronic engine management: an electronic control unit calculates the necessary fuel-air mixture for the current operating conditions. Data relative to engine function are transmitted to the Engine On Board Diagnostic (OBD) system, which notifies the driver when necessary via specific indicator and warning lamps on the dashboard. The electronic control unit is not installed in the engine but in the vehicle itself, for greater protection against vibration and temperature fluctuations. It is also completely protected from water and dust infiltration for maximum reliability.

Catalytic converter: manages gas emissions from the exhaust, reducing polluting elements. 



The Eco-Power (petrol+LPG) and Green-Power (petrol+methane) of the Porter and Porter Maxxi, which will be available respectively from January 2016 and March 2016, will be powered by the same MultiTech engine used in the petrol only version, but with suitably modified fuel systems. The “Sequent” sequential gas injection system is installed in the factory. A dedicated ECU calculates injector aperture times for each cylinder, actuating the injectors individually with extreme precision and in perfect synchronisation.

The system uses high pressure gas tanks and single membrane pressure reducers, which by law must be replaced every 10 years for LPG and every 4 years for CNG.

On the Porter and Porter Maxxi Eco-Power versions, the cylindrical gas cylinder (24 litres on cab van versions, 28 litres on van versions and 32 litres for all Maxxi versions) is located at the rear of vehicle and securely fastened to the bodyshell. The tank is made from high strength, tempered steel. The button to the right of the steering wheel is used to switch manually from petrol to gas
mode and vice versa. The button has four LEDs indicating the gas level in the tank, while the indicator lamp turns green when the vehicle is running on gas.

The Porter and Porter Maxxi Green Power are fitted with two tanks, with a capacity of 32+23.2 litres (Porter) or 32+32 litres (Maxxi). As on the Eco-Power version, pressing the button to the right of the steering wheel switches manually between fuel modes. 



Since 1995, Piaggio has provided the solution for customers who need a zero emissions vehicle, to allow access to historical city centres or limited traffic areas, for example, in the form of the Electric Power version of the Porter, with 100% electric drive, the most commonly used model of its category in Europe.

Porter Electric-Power 96 V features a button to activate the economy running mode, capable of optimising power consumption and maximising vehicle performance. 

Porter Electric Power can reach a range of 80 km on a single charge cycle at constant speed in a non-urban environment, making it the perfect solution for all intracity businesses and professionals operating in urban and metropolitan areas. The electric motor produces 11 kW at 96 V, giving the vehicle a top speed of 55 km/h. Together with the electric motor, the lead/gel batteries are the beating heart of the vehicle, offering advantages such as excellent range, long life and totally maintenance-free operation. The batteries have very short charge times and can be recharged from both a 3 kW socket and a 1.5 kW socket using a simple schuko adaptor for standard household sockets. A full charge cycle takes 8 hours

The quick and easy to read multifunctional display incorporated in the dashboard lets the driver keep a constant eye on the status of the vehicle's electrical components. The battery housings are made in plastic for easier inspection, total safety and to prevent undesirable oxidation problems.

Porter Electric Power also features advanced diagnostic software and electronic management systems, allowing the customer to adapt the vehicle's performance to the suit specific needs (for example, setting speed limits for use in indoor areas or particularly restricted zones, such as inside stations, ports and airports).


The technological revamping of the Porter does not stop simply with the introduction of the Euro 6 standard compliant engine. Now ABS and EBD are also available on the Porter Maxxi, whereas the ESC system comes standard on all models.

The ABS system prevents the wheels from locking up under braking, while EBD distributes brake force optimally by determining the exact grip available to each wheel. Using these two systems in conjunction gives the new Porter outstanding active safety, which is completed by the stability control system. ESC acts in the event of a loss of grip in turns, adjusting the power output and braking with different intensities on each of the wheels in order to keep the vehicle's structure stable.


The new Euro 6 Porter and Porter Maxxi have even more painstakingly crafted finishing and even more complete outfitting. The ignition key with built-in immobiliser now comes standard, as well as new and more refined fabric upholstery on the seats and door side panels (also on Porter Electric Power). The doors now have brand new and more ergonomic opening handles. The package is completed by electronic power steering (EPS) and a new instrument cluster graphic and external rear view mirror frame.

Another new feature that comes standard from the factory on the new Porter and Porter Maxxi is the outfitter's socket: a pre-installed connector on a specific wiring harness that allows multiple actions to be carried out and receives different warning signals, including:

  • Engine starting and stopping
  • Engine idle adjustment
  • Implementation of 30 km/h speed limiter
  • Parking brake engaged signal
  • Engine speed signal
  • Engine on signal
  • Fuel level signal
  • Engine coolant temperature signal
  • Vehicle speed signal

The Porter and Porter Maxxi cab comes standard with a series of practical stowage bins, and itis installation-ready for an audio system (with mp3 playback),anda satellite navigator - accessories which make the Porter unbeatable in its segment. 

To take comfort levels a step further, the athermic glazed windows come into play, ensuring more effective heat insulation for the cab.  


Compact but spacious: this is the winning characteristic of the Piaggio Porter. The Porter range's incredible turning radius - just 4 metres compared with a category average of 5.4 metres – is enhanced by the EPS Electronic Power Steering system, which simplifies and streamlines any parking manoeuvre and contributes to even more comfort and safety.

To cater to all possible needs, the Porter range is available in two versions: a version with a gross vehicle weight (GVW) of 1.5 tonnes and a payload capacity up to 650 kg, for lower insurance premiums, and a version with a GVW of 1.7 tonnes and an incredible maximum of 850 kg payload capacity, for the professional client who needs a vehicle with superior load capacity. 



The new Euro 6 Porter is available in a range of models that provides an unbeatable choice of solutions capable of meeting any possible transport need

Deck: this configuration, with alloy dropsides on three sides and an alloy tailboard and a load bed just 75 cm from the ground, makes loading and unloading operations significantly easier. This is the ideal solution for farms, construction companies, nurseries, artisan businesses and all professionals needing a vehicle that is compact but equipped with a large and spacious load bed. 

Tipper: the only vehicle of its kind in the compact commercial vehicle market - tipper beds are typically only offered on much larger, less agile vehicles. This variant of the Porter has been created to make unloading material significantly faster. It is an indispensable tool for construction, maintenance and park maintenance businesses operating in historic city centres. With its unparalleled ability to reach even the tightest space, it is often successfully used in conjunction with larger vehicles.

Van and Window Van: the perfect vehicle for transporting goods and passengers in urban applications. An impressive load volume of 3 cubic metres and sliding doors on both sides make loading and unloading even the bulkiest objects easy. Porter Van is the ideal solution for the professional mobility needs of couriers, artisan businesses, maintenance companies and cleaning businesses. The four-seater window van version allows the combined transport of goods and passengers. Porter Van, and its ecological powertrain variants in particular, is the perfect vehicle for professional applications in the urban environment.

Chassis: the most versatile version of all and a solid base for outfitting with a multitude of different solutions to cater to every possible professional need imaginable. In fact, for this version over 50 different special equipment packages are available, offering the perfect solution for both private (isothermic cells, insulated boxes, three-sided tippers…) and public sector (refuse collection, aerial platform and fire service and local police) applications.



The entry level version for the range, the Porter Entry Level, is the ideal solution for saving money at work without sacrificing performance. Powered by a modern, high-performance Euro 6 engine, the Porter EL employs simplified technical solutions so that operations are environmentally friendly and compatible with strict type approval standards. 
This version especially stands out for its speed and ease of use. The performance levels continue to be at the top for its category making this the perfect vehicle for the widest range of mobility needs, while guaranteeing exceptional savings on all expenses related to its purchase and use.

The strengths of the Porter EL are:

  • outstanding manoeuvrability due to its compact size (3.5 x 1.5) and turning radius of just 4 m;
  • an extraordinary load capacity (up to 605 kg); 
  • efficient use of available space due to an all-flat deck that is both wide (up to 2 EUR-pallets) and practical (access height at just 72 cm from ground level, alloy sideboards that can be opened on three sides); 
  • significant savings by means of reduced fuel consumption (up to a minimum of 5.1 l/100 km on highways) and low fixed costs.
  • Fixed Deck or Chassis versions available.  



  • Porter Maxxi can carry up to 1,200 kg: the best weight/payload ratio in its class
  • Compact dimensions and incredible manoeuvrability:
  • New Euro 6 engine 
  • HS version (reduced axle ratios) to ensure greater low end power (26% compared to 23% on the standard version)
  • New interiors and new active safety features thanks to ABS and ESC
  • Solid and sturdy

Porter Maxxi maintains the dimensions, ease of use and affordable running costs of a compact vehicle, while offering a payload capacity which has been available until now only on much larger, more expensive and more difficult to use commercial vehicles. 

Porter Maxxi can carry up to 1,200 kg of payload with a gross vehicle weight of just 2,200 kg. This translates into a record ratio for its category

Its immense payload capacity, however, in no way causes the Maxxi to lose any of the hallmark agility and manoeuvrability of the Porter: measuring only 1.56 metres in width (just 16 cm more than the Porter), Porter Maxxi is remarkably nimble even in the most challenging spaces, thanks also to a turning radius of just 4.9 metres - by far the best in its class, where the average is 5.4 m. 

With a record breaking ratio between external dimensions and load capacity and the unparalleled convenience for loading and unloading offered by the tipper bed, the Porter Maxxi is the ideal vehicle for a broad spectrum of applications and, in particular, for the construction industry, where the superlative load capacity is complemented perfectly by exceptional manoeuvrability.

The Porter Maxxi is also ideal for light industrial and urban maintenance applications, and a number of special equipment variants for a wide variety of applications have been specifically designed to cater for the needs of municipalities.

The reinforced chassis and dual rear wheels – ensuring stability and safety even when fully loaded – are design features that set the Porter Maxxi apart from its rivals. 

Porter Maxxi is also fitted with the advanced Euro 6 MultiTech petrol engine, available in two further versions - Bi-Fuel Eco-Power and Green-Power. It also has all the same important upgrades as the Porter, such as ABS an ESC as standard equipment, new internal finishing and new seat and door upholstery.  

Versatility is one of Porter Maxxi's greatest strengths: Porter Maxxi is available as fixed deck, long tipper bed and short tipper bed versions, all of which with an all-flat load bed with two dropsides and a hinged tailboard to facilitate loading and unloading. The Chassis version offers practically limitless possibilities for outfitting with dedicated solutions, with a wide range of special equipment packages catering for every possible necessity of both public and private sector clients. These include a refuse collection skip, an aerial platform, an insulated box and a variant designed specifically for urban cleansing applications (such as cleaning monuments and the removal of graffiti in areas of significant artistic and cultural value). 


The Euro 6 Porter and Porter Maxxi are available in Blue Action, White Silk, Red Sprint and Orange, as well as the new Azure Bay colour scheme.

Extra trim

All of the Piaggio Porter and Porter Maxxi versions are also available with the full optional Extra package which includes front bumper moulding colour-coded to match the body, fog lights, electric windows, a CD Audio system with mp3 playback, an electronic anti-theft system with remote control and rear parking sensors (except for the Chassis version).