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november 07, 2017 - Piaggio





A key player in the crowded 50 cc scooter category from the start, the Piaggio Group continues to invest in this segment, offering a range of two and four-stroke Euro 4 powerplants that make the Piaggio 50 cc scooter range dedicated to the youngest riders absolutely unique.

On one hand there is the Piaggio Typhoon, an authentic icon in the scooter world, and the ultra sporty NRG Power DD, equipped with a two-stroke unit, respectively air and liquid cooled; on the other hand is the Piaggio Zip, another name reminiscent of Piaggio's greatest commercial successes, on which the four-stroke 50 i-get engine with three-valve timing makes its début.

These are modern, ecological and quick engines and important content is introduced in parallel with them for all three models which lead to overall improvements in terms of practicality, comfort and construction quality.


Piaggio Typhoon, a young, practical and fun scooter, has by now established itself as the Piaggio best-seller. Revamped in terms of aesthetics and technical content, it is now fitted with a brilliant 50 2-stroke Euro 4 engine with an electronically controlled carburettor.

The air cooled single-cylinder is a modern, ecological and quick powerplant, the best solution for a brilliant and fun ride in the day to day metropolitan jungle. Numerous upgrades allowed it to comply with the Euro 4 standard without detracting from the well-known features of rideability and practicality in all conditions. The fuel line benefits from an electronically managed carburettor: the fuel-air mixture is dosed out by a solenoid valve controlled by the engine ECU, allowing for more efficient mapping. This is joined by an optimised cylinder diagram and exhaust line, now equipped with a double catalytic converter and double secondary air device.
Piaggio Typhoon confirms itself as having a sporty nature, yet at the same time being reliable, functional and comfortable. The analogue/digital instrumentation is loaded with information and includes an analogue speedometer, LCD display with total and trip odometer, fuel level indicator and clock. The series of indicator lights include: fuel reserve light, turn indicator lights, high beam indicator, oil level warning light and check engine warning light.
Benefits from a comfortsaddle, enhanced with red stitching and the Piaggio logo. The passenger can also count on larger grab handles and dedicated, fold-away footrests. The gold coloured front brake calliper and the exhaust silencer cover give Piaggio Typhoon an even more dynamic look and are a testament to the great attention to every detail. In the helmet compartment, spacious enough for a full-jet helmet, there is a very convenient USB port for recharging a smartphone or other mobile devices.
The front of Piaggio Typhoon boasts innovative aesthetic solutions: the “shark nose”, a distinctive trait of the young scooter from the Pontedera-based manufacturer, is imposing and large; the wide slots, a “must” on the Piaggio Typhoon, are spaced on the side of the leg shield to follow the profile of the front light assembly, “the eyes” of Typhoon, aggressive and dynamic. The 12” wheel rims ensure better absorption of bumps in the road, as well as greater stability.
Piaggio Typhoon stands out for its dedicated graphics: trendy and fashionable to satisfy the tastes of the very young or sombre and elegant for the adult public. Three colour schemes are available: Bianco Lucido, Nero Opaco and the original Grigio Metallizzato.


The 2-stroke Euro 4 engine with an electronically controlled carburettor emphasises the character of the super-sporty 50 from Piaggio. Uncompromising sportiness combined with the practicality of a daily commuter.

A perfect synthesis of passion and rationality, Piaggio NRG Power DD takes on highly aggressive graphics that enhance its sporty character, the secret of its enduring success; clean and aggressive lines that enhance the sleek shape of this small streetfighter.
The brilliant Hi-Per2 Pro liquid cooled 50 cc single cylinder remains at the top of the category in terms of acceleration and it also earns Euro 4 approval thanks to upgrades such as the implementation of an electronically managed carburettor - with a dedicated ECU - an optimised cylinder diagram and the characteristics exhaust with an upside-down “Snakebite” terminal, now fitted with a double catalytic converter and double secondary air. The 13” wheels with spectacular rubber (130 tread on the rear) and an oversized braking system are the other primary items in a unique package so you can always stay at top performance but without forgetting about the rationality of use that makes the NRG Power the ideal vehicle for tackling day-to-day life.
Piaggio NRG Power was created to continue the success story which, in twenty-three years, blazed a new trail in the extremely competitive segment of 50 cc scooter with a clear sporty look.
From its very first version, dating back to 1994, NRG astonished with its top shelf performance without compromising on the convenience of use that is often lacking in more sporty vehicles. Piaggio NRG has always been the perfect vehicle for daily use that also boasts high technical-performance content.
Piaggio NRG Power DD reinforces this concept. Increasingly higher performance in constant observance of prevailing standards in no way detrimental to the practicality and convenience that characterise a scooter designed for daily use.

The sporty design enhances the dynamic qualities of NRG Power, emphasising the gritty character of the supersport scooter from Piaggio. The front leg shield guarantees aerodynamics and protection. It contains the parabolic headlights separated by high and low beam lights.
The shape of the lights, along with the central element that ventilates the radiator, gives the front of the NRG Power a decidedly sporty line. This sensation is reinforced by the “broken up” line of the lowest part of the leg shield where, just under the lights on the sides, the turn indicators are mounted.
The handlebar is characterised by a small top fairing which protects the instrumentation. The dashboard, backlit in red, includes complete analogue/digital instrumentation made up of: analogue rev counter, LCD display with speedometer functions, total and trip odometer, fuel level indicator, radiator fluid temperature indicator and clock. The series of indicator lights include: fuel reserve light, turn indicator lights, high beam indicator, oil level warning light and check engine warning light.
The footboard is flat and wide with a rough finish to provide secure footing. This is a design choice the privileges practical content for everyday use. The fuel cap is located on the upper part of the footboard. Mounted in plain view and inspired by aeronautic technology, it provides easy access for refuelling.
To show the perfect compatibility of sportiness and convenience, the central part of the footboard is aluminium. This is an aesthetic choice with a clear sporty look which also serves to connect the helmet compartment and it “introduces” the stylistic theme of the rear part of the Piaggio NRG Power, characterised by an extremely sleek line.The comfortable saddle becomes thin and low as it approaches the rear. The sleek design of the tail fairing is purely sporty and it is completed in the LED taillight, clearly reminiscent of the sportbike world, but its innovation does not end with looks alone. In fact, the illuminating power is clearly superior to that of a normal parabolic light, contributing to increasing the NRG Power's passive safety. The rear mudguard, made up of an isolated element connected to the transmission guard, gives the NRG Power an even sportier look, fulfilling the function of splash guard.
Piaggio NRG Power DD will be available in the Nero Meteora and Bianco Luna colour schemes. NRG can also be customised with optional accessories such as the rear top box, spacious enough for a full-face helmet, the windscreen made in high quality metacrylate and an extremely simple and convenient mechanical anti-theft device which anchors the vehicle handlebar using a securing system that is connected to the body.

Frame and chassis
The elegantly sporty design of Piaggio NRG Power hides a project and construction evolution that places the frame of the 50 cc supersport above anything ever before made for small engine capacity scooters. The double cradle frame, made entirely in high resistance steel tubing, provides superior features of torsional rigidity and stress absorption capacity. The result is rigorous dynamic performance. The frame also allows the centre of gravity to be lowered, thanks to the fuel tank being lodged beneath the footboard.
Just as much care was given to the chassis: the fork has a lightweight alloy mounting bracket and provides a quick and progressive response to bumps in the road surface, whereas on the rear, the shock absorbing function is guaranteed by a monoshock with 73.5 mm travel.
The 13” lightweight alloy wheel rims with six spokes are rigid and lightweight, and designed to reduce the gyroscopic effect and to improve handling without losing any riding stability. The rims are shod with more than generously sized sport tread tyres: 120/70 on the front and an incredible “oversized” 130/60 tyre on the rear. Record sizes for perfect road holding at any lean angle.
The braking system, designed and built with the same quality as the rest of the components, employs a 240 mm front disc gripped by a floating, single-piston calliper. Powerful and modulable, it ensures short stopping distances that are well supported by the 175 mm disc and calliper with opposing pistons that operates on the rear wheel.


The innovative i-get four-stroke powerplant with 3-valve timing makes its début on the Piaggio Zip: agility and freedom of movement combined with exceptional consumption and an ultra modern design.

Piaggio Zip, a bar setting vehicle in the compact scooter segment, is an extraordinarily well-known and widely distributed product with very young people, female riders and many adults all over Europe.

The third generation of Zip is born out of an entirely new project that maintains only a few things from its “patriarch”, launched in 1992, namely the winning formula and the name, easy and quick, and the vocation of a small and agile vehicle that is still loaded with personality, made with attention to every detail and perfect for urban use.

The modernity of the Zip design, characterised by complex surfaces that intersect to create simple and essential lines and by the balanced volumes, maintains a strong Piaggio “family feeling”. The front end is futuristic with its two “cuts” where the parking lights and turn indicators are nestled, the upper grille and the handlebar cover that are strongly characterised by the transparent “drop” that houses the powerful high beam and the dashboard, fitted with instruments and circular warning lights. The taillight assembly is also inserted in the upper profile of the side fairings.

Large and comfortable for both rider and passenger, the Zip saddle conceals a spacious compartment for a full-face helmet and it can be easily adjusted to three different heights with an innovative “flexible” ergonomics solution which is the only one of its kind in today's scooter segment. The handlebar controls are an integral part of the comfort and riding pleasure, accessible and intuitive, as well as more functional thanks to the automatic turn indicator return. On the leg shield back plate, there is a practical, locking glove compartment where you can easily and securely store documents and day-to-day items. Zip is also equipped with a highly practical bag hook. The passenger grab belt has red stitching, the same colour that is also used on the Zip badge.

The frame, designed for the performance and stress of city use, is single tube with elements in high resistance pressed steel. The suspension system relies on a telescopic fork with 30 mm diameter stanchions. At the rear, the engine operates as swingarm, with a dual action shock absorber and coil springs.

Braking is powerful and very modulable, ensured by a large, 175 mm front disc brake with hydraulic control and by a 110 mm rear drum.

The engine in the Zip 50 4S Injection is an ultra modern four-stroke air cooled unit with electronic injection, fully compliant with the Euro 4 standard. Characterised by thermal part and the 3 valves timing system that distinguishes the i-get family (Italian Green Experience Technology), Zip 50 is the result of a design that aims to maximise quality, reliability and implement an extraordinary reduction in consumption and harmful emissions. It is the perfect engine for the first vehicle of very young people who will surely appreciate its quickness combined with significant features of low operating costs, thanks to extremely low consumption. In terms of environmentally friendliness in the city, the usual stomping grounds for Zip, the engine keeps noise to a minimum thanks to the development of the gearbox settings that allow the single cylinder to maintain quick performance while still being “docile”, in other words, at a lower average rpm compared to the engines in the previous generation. The result is a reduction in mechanical noise in addition to lower fuel consumption.

Zip 50 4S Injection will be available in dealerships in the glossy colour schemes Nero Lucido and Bianco Ottico, as well as Grey Matt and Verde Matt. Zip can also be customised with optional accessories such as the rear top box, spacious enough for a full-face helmet, the windscreen made in high quality metacrylate and an extremely simple and convenient mechanical anti-theft device which anchors the vehicle handlebar using a securing system that is connected to the body.

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