november 05, 2019 - Vespa



For 2020, Vespa proposes a new apparel and helmet collection characterised by photographic prints, colour blocking and strong Vespa heritage style references. The new collection draws inspiration from colour trends that look to the future, following the fluid and changing world of contemporary visual culture as it draws from the Vespa archives and focuses on the topicality of the most widespread and beloved modern scooter range in the world. From multiple stimuli, an authentic and truly unique look is born.

The key word is eclecticism with one eye on the world of visual arts. While staying faithful to Vespa heritage, the 2020 collecation creates a fresh, unique offer, almost a contemporary work of art to be worn.

The colour palette for the new Vespa Total Look 2020 collection includes the historic shades of Vespa Acquamarina and Biancospino, but also the intense Blu Vivace and Giallo Estate of the 2020 range, as well as typical Vespa sky blue nuances. The colours of past and present Vespa models are brought to life on T-shirts, Hoodies and Helmets in an original combination of soft pastel shades and dynamic colours with fluorescent accents.

The reference to the Vespa heritage comes through clearly, thanks to the selection of images that are reminiscent of the most glorious models in Vespa history, the result of a painstaking search through the technical archives - that resurface in T-shirt graphics with colours taken from the original shades reiterated on cotton in a brand new key.

The photographic details of the most iconic Vespa models take on a central role thanks to a kaleidoscopic toning of shades and geometric juxtaposing of intense colour, in a brave but balanced play on contrasts.

The t-shirts and sweatshirts, 100% pure cotton and Made in Europe, benefit from careful technical and stylistic design. Examples of this are the particular fabric treatment to stabilise sizes and prevent any shrinkage of garments in the wash, functional and aesthetic inner bands in bright contrasting colours, or the reflective reversed bands that close the Vespa Total Look 2020 sweatshirts with a polished metal zip pull, reminiscent of the neck tie shape that characterises the most modern Vespa models.

Coordinating with the clothing are two helmet collections, one with a more vintage flavour, the second boasting contrasting colours.

Homologated in compliance with the strict European safety standards and available in sizes from XS to XL, both the Vespa Heritage and Vespa Fluo helmets are technically and stylistically exemplary.

In creating the Vespa Heritage helmets, with their special anti UV ray paint, the precious Piaggio Museum archives came into their own, allowing the original RAL colours typical of Vespa paint jobs of the time to be unearthed, colours that made some models that contributed to the brand's history so unique, and therefore special. The helmets faithfully reproduce the colours and shades of paint used to create historic models such as the 1958 Vespa 150 GS, the 1966 125 GT “Granturismo”, the 1968 Primavera 125, and the 1969 50 Special. Hence, metallic grey, aquamarine, Biancospino and Azzurro Cina, which are used as the dominant colours in the four main helmet colour schemes Each of these relates to the others with a pure 70s style triadic graphic band. These five-button jet helmets have a shell in injection-moulded thermoplastic resin, a practical strap with micrometric fastening system, a tobacco-coloured high resistance suede interior and internal cheek pads that are removable and washable.

Taking up the colours of the t-shirts and sweatshirts, the Vespa Fluo helmets feature a brave band of colour - Fluorescent Yellow and Fluorescent Red - on the black shell, in lightweight and resistant ABS, as well as a black logo, in stark contrast with the rear section and matching the visor ferrule. The latter is clearly visible thanks to the circular border that, “citing” the bold colours of the Vespa Fluo helmets, highlights the geometric quality of this indispensable accessory. Complete with micrometric fastening strap and a removable interior that is breathable and washable, the helmets feature a short, concealed sun visor in addition to the main visor.