july 26, 2018 - Vespa



The new European edition of the 2018 Vespa catalogue, which pays tribute to the Primavera with its graphics, presents a wide range of helmets, accessories, lifestyles pieces, merchandising and technological additions designed specifically for all 2018 Vespa models: Primavera, Sprint, GTS – also in its Super version – and 946, including the Yacht Club, Notte, RED and Sei Giorni special series.

The original high-quality accessories, which allow for a high level of personalisation while also guaranteeing the technical integrity of the vehicle, are flanked by dedicated helmets, clothing and merchandising. All perfectly marry the iconic DNA and lifestyle soul of Vespa with the inherent functionality, safety and reliability of the components, materials and technical devices used throughout the entire catalogue collection.

This ranges from accessories dedicated to travelling comfort, such as top boxes with an ergonomic back rest, to components that offer a sportier or more elegant look like the steering cover, luggage rack and matte black or chrome-plated protections, right down to style details with which to personalise the aesthetics of your beloved Vespa, such as two-colour graphics or more technological devices such as the Special Edition Tom Tom Vio for Piaggio Group and the Multimedia Platform able to transform your scooter into an ultra-connected vehicle.

Colour, style, comfort and a wide-range of options also take centre stage when it comes to the helmet lines, which include a kaleidoscope of colours, models and styles. From strictly limited edition, numbered helmets such as the Vespa Yacht Club, to Special Series - Notte, Sei Giorni and (946) RED - and the commemorative Vespa Primavera 50° Anniversario helmets all the way to the helmets in the Modernist or V-Stripes Total Look Collections.

Variety in the pursuit of functionality and enjoyment is also perfectly embodied in the Lifestyle clothing and accessories. The Vespa Collections incorporate a wide range of garments and articles that are both functional and stylish: Modernist, the graphic elements of which are the Vespa silhouette framed by the 1959 triangle graphic and MOD target; (Vespa 946) RED, in a bright red shade for a charitable cause; V-Stripes, characterised by the striped motif stemming from the V of Vespa; Vespa Sei Giorni, with iconic sports elements coordinated with the legendary racing model.

All articles can be purchased at a selected network of dealerships and in the online Vespa Store


To help you navigate your way through the 2018 Vespa Accessories Catalogue, here is a selection of the main collections; we invite you to download the invaluable brochure to discover all the details!

A particularly refined Luxury Line is dedicated to the Vespa Primavera. Inspired by the style and quality of the best nautical finishing and composed of elements designed and produced entirely by hand in Italy, it completes the Vespa look in a particularly exclusive way. By selecting accessories in real leather in a warm wood-effect colour – hand grips and seat (for 125 and 150 cc), top box back rest, top box cover and passenger grab handle covers - your Vespa Primavera can be personalised in a truly special way.

Rider accessories, technical wear and lifestyle attire all united by a single creative vision, the core concepts of which are freedom and spontaneity. Garments and accessories designed to take on those 'on the road' adventures, but also perfect for daily urban use. Distinctive elements include the triangle graphic and MOD target. There is a strong connection between the scooter range and the Lifestyle offer: embellishments on the Vespa Primavera and Sprint front shield are transformed into style elements for the functional details (reflective patches, helmet decal, zip pull, fastenings).

The collaboration between Piaggio Group and (RED) has resulted in the (Vespa 946) RED scooter, dressed entirely in red to contribute to programmes in the fight against AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. Vespa also supports the (RED) cause with a range of accessories and dedicated merchandising that includes helmets, t-shirts, shoppers, caps and the characteristic mug, all in the unmistakeable red colour of course.

The V-Stripes Collection experiments with innovative materials and solutions and celebrates a love for colour: the palette is an explosion of contrasting bright shades, bold but well balanced. Iconic pieces in the Collection include the men's and women's bomber jackets, the men's and women's neoprene hooded sweatshirts and the sleeveless windstopper. The accessories are multi-functional, for example the keyring-necklace and portable keyring, the backpack that changes into a tote bag and the drawstring bag designed to hold a helmet.

The technology and touring vocation so typical of the Vespa GTS family meet the history and most genuine sport tradition of Vespa. Introducing the Vespa Sei Giorni, a special version produced as a numbered edition and heir to the original Vespa Sport “Sei Giorni”. This legendary model has its own dedicated collection comprising accessories such as the top box, demi jet helmet to match the vehicle – the second featuring the essential number 6 graphic – and windscreen that perfectly integrates with the vehicle's line, as well as three lifestyle pieces, a t-shirt, cap and cotton bag, to accompany a vespista on his every journey with unmistakeable “Sei Giorni” style.

Vespa Primavera 50° Anniversario celebrates this milestone by adopting all of the technical and style-related traits that made the first Primavera such a success in 1968, while also adding all of the technological avantgarde that characterises Vespa today. Vespa Primavera 50° Anniversario stands out for its new Light Blue and Brown colour schemes, for which a trio of accessories (helmet, top box, back rest) has been created in matching tones, to enrich what is already a wide and complete range of accessories for the Primavera.