june 14, 2018 - Vespa


Vespa Clubs from 37 nations and over 3,000 Vespas from every time period are expected
For the schedule, info and interesting facts visit www.vespaworlddays2018.co.uk

Belfast (Northern Ireland, UK), 14 June 2018 – The capital of Northern Ireland is ready to welcome the 2018 edition of the Vespa World Days, a yearly gathering of national Vespa Clubs from all over the world, from 14 to 17 June.

Over 3,000 Vespas from every time period have already been signed up, and thousands more are expected to come from throughout the UK and the Republic of Ireland. Hundreds of Vespa Clubs will be present, representing 37 nations. This is the most important event in the world for Vespa enthusiasts, a chance for national Vespa Clubs from all over the world to come together.

As always, far more Vespa enthusiasts will be present than those who have already signed up for the event. The UK is, in fact, one of the countries with the strongest Vespa culture: the Italian scooter has played a star role in cultural and youth movements here ever since the '50s – the most important being the Mods – who elected the Italian scooter as the star of an immensely creative season.

Once again this year the bravest Vespa enthusiasts, those who drove to Belfast on their beloved Vespas, competed in the Vespa Trophy, a race between Vespa Club members who will show proof of all the stops on the journey toward Northern Ireland thanks to photos and special stamps on their Travel Book.

The Piaggio Authorised Network co-starred in the pan-European trophy, joining the game by having it's vast network of local Dealers serve as checkpoints, providing rapid, skilled assistance for travellers on route to Belfast. Only next Saturday will we know which Vespa Club team will take home the trophy.

The Vespa Club Global Conference, a meeting between the Presidents of all the Vespa Clubs in the world, will be held Friday, 15 June, and will elect the Governing Council for the next three years.

The Vespa World Days are a celebration of the eternal Vespa legend.

A scooter that has by now gone beyond its function as an easy and elegant vehicle for daily commutes to become a true global icon, loved by entire generations.

Vespa and the love of its fans were practically born together, so much that many owners, as early as 1946, the year the most famous scooter in the world was born, formed associations: that's how the first Vespa Clubs were born. Today, there are 53 National Vespa Clubs associated with the Vespa World Club and hundreds of registered local Vespa Clubs, for a total of about 120,000 members world-wide.

Vespa is a one-of-a-kind in the history of mobility and tradition: produced without interruption for over sixty years, it has spread across the globe with nearly 19 million scooters. And the Vespa never stops evolving. The new Vespa range features the evolved 3-valve iGet 125 and 150 engines on the Vespa Primavera, Vespa Sprint and the 150 version of the great GTS. The GTS family also includes the powerful and technological 300cc engine that, in the various setups, is the true flagship of the Vespa range.

For the schedule and interesting facts see the official Vespa World Days website: www.vespaworlddays2018.co.uk