march 07, 2018 - Piaggio


The new version of Liberty Delivery is on its way, the scooter designed to transport small goods and deliveries.
Easy, sturdy, reliable, totally configurable for the widest range of metropolitan transport needs.
Liberty Delivery is available in 50 and 125, 4-stroke, Euro 4 engine sizes with modern and technological i-get powerplants.

Piaggio Liberty, protagonist of easy mobility on two wheels, capable of meeting the commuting needs of a vast range of users, broadens its offer to the professional world, proposing a new version of Liberty Delivery. The version designed for transport and deliveries evolves, adding further features of sturdiness to the high levels of quality, light weight and ease of use which, along with the contained operating costs, are indispensable features for the business operators for whom this specially outfitted scooter is intended.

Piaggio Liberty Delivery is simple and convenient to ride, has impeccable performance and technological content at the service of safety, such as CBS (Combined Braking System), available in the 125 cc engine size.

It is a vehicle designed to meet the most advanced needs in terms of quality, style, safety, operating economy and environmental friendliness. The size and ergonomics have been conceived for comfort in the saddle; the technological engines have been conceived for low fuel consumption and brilliant performance. The large diameter wheels ensure the necessary safety for those who need to transport their goods quickly and efficiently.

Piaggio Liberty Delivery, compared to the version designed for personal use, adds a reinforced frame and larger forks to optimise handling the additional stress of the load. There are two engine sizes, the economic 50 cc and the brilliant 125 cc. Both belong to the latest family of i-get powerplants, 4-stroke and Euro 4 approved.

Piaggio Liberty Delivery is designed and outfitted bearing in mind the needs of operators in the general cargo transport sector and Public Administrations. From the traditional small and medium local enterprises to the younger and innovative e-commerce companies that make home deliveries, all the way to the services offered by Public Administrations all over Europe. It is a vehicle that can be configured with different outfitting packages, with just the rear cargo rack (to transport up to 40 kg) or with the addition of the front rack, allowing Piaggio Liberty Delivery to reach a cargo capacity of 65 kg.

With the goal of optimally meeting specific transport needs, dedicated accessories have been designed that expand the vehicle's functionality such as the 75 litre Top Box, the 85 litre Food Box and the 35 and 40 litre Utility Bags.

Piaggio Liberty Delivery is intended for Business-to-Business sales in the EMEA markets and it is available in Europe, the Middle East and Africa through a select number of dealerships in order to reach small and medium businesses in a more targeted way in the various markets.

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