november 08, 2017 - Vespa

Vespa Identity Helmets


At #EICMA 2017, the International Cycle and Motorcycle show, a new #helmet concept will be presented that focuses on the experience of the consumer who becomes a protagonist in the creation process of a truly made-to-order accessory. 

In fact, #Vespa is a style choice, the expression of a unique personality, full of colour, beauty, elegance and freedom. Choosing #vespa means always being up with the times without needing to follow fashions set by others, knowing how to stand out, staying consistent with your own style, feeling genuinely unique and knowing how to distinguish yourself thanks to an exclusive look.

After its success during the Salone del Mobile of Milan in April where the first helmets in exotic skin were on display in the “Hall of Art” - the location that hosts the most important Italian design brands - Vespa officially launches a new era of high range personalisation, introducing an innovative concept of Customisable Vespa Helmets

The affinity between Vespa and the precious skins par excellence used to cover the rider accessory – such as crocodile, python and lizard – comes through in an elegant way in the common aspects of attention to detail, colour application and meticulous craftsmanship in treating the materials, Made In Italy and always high quality. Prestige is ensured by the careful selection of materials, chosen in collaboration with a certified and experienced partner, Louisiane S.p.A.
And so, out of the hybridisation between iconic mobility and the highest fashion, comes a special offer of made-to-order Vespa Helmets with which the most beloved #scooter brand in the world lets you personally choose the materials and colours you want to use to make your own Vespa helmet at a selected number of dealerships. 

Personalisation begins with the size (from XS to XL), extends to the wide range of available colours that make a variety of countless colour matches and combinations possible that you can apply to the precious exotic crocodile, python or lizard skins that enhance the Vespa Helmets, all the way to letting you have your initials engraved in it. At the most exclusive retail points, the customer can select one or more options from the colour palette that ranges from the most traditional shades – such as black, grey, midnight blue and camel – to bolder colours like red, electric blue, pink or yellow. The level of personalisation is refined even further thanks to the opportunity to have your own initials impressed on the goggle strap positioned on the back of the helmet and to choose the colour of the stitching that elegantly finishes the helmet This makes the Vespa helmet a true tailor-made accessory, capable of fully expressing the personality and uniqueness of the owner. This is a truly special #helmet that, beyond the “tailoring” of the aesthetics that wear the best of #design by Vespa, also provides maximum functional quality.

The demi-jet helmet (with ECE 22.05 approval) in ABS ( Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene), a thermoplastic material from the family of polymers used to create lightweight and rigid, sturdy but comfortable items,  a hypo-allergenic interior in premium material, a miniature Italian flag on the lower left edge and a restraint system with a micrometric release strap. 
This is maximum convenience and safety elegantly enhanced by an unmistakeably Vespa Design that leaves room for full personalisation. 
All of this lets you choose a truly exclusive and personal product with a strong distinctive value and a truly unique style.