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Piaggio Group Continues To Strengthen Its Distribution Network, Reaching 200 Motoplex Stores Around The World That Offer Piaggio, Vespa, Aprilia, And Moto Guzzi Vehicles


Milan, January 19, 2017 – A rapid strengthening of the distribution network continues for the Piaggio Group multibrand stores launched just two years ago. In just a few months, the Group has opened 60 new stores and closed out 2016 with the milestone of 200 Motoplex Stores open around the world in Europe, the Americas, Oceania, Asia, and the Indian subcontinent alongside the traditional distribution network. 

Among the main Motoplex Stores opened in recent months are those in London and Liverpool, one in the Austrian capital of Vienna, again in the Portuguese capital of Lisbon, in the German city of Stuttgart, and in Toulon on the French Riviera. In Australia a Motoplex was opened in Sydney, while in Asia there were openings in Taipei – Taiwan’s capital -, in the Indonesian cities of Jakarta and Bali, in Port Louis – Mauritius’s capital – and finally in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Over the next few days, one of the most important Motoplex Stores in the world is due to open in Bangkok. The Thai capital will host a flagship store of nearly 1,000 square meters, divided into  exhibition spaces (including lounge and bar areas) and repair shops in a ratio of 70/30. Thanks to the Bangkok Motoplex, the Piaggio Group will expand its offering in the Thai market by introducing the motorcycle business with the #Aprilia and #MotoGuzzi brands, which will be joined with the consolidated #scooter segment of Piaggio and Vespa, further strengthening a market in a phase of strong expansion and increasing focus on the Asian continent.

The Motoplex Stores offer the Group’s full range of prestigious brands (Piaggio, Vespa, Aprilia and Moto Guzzi), representing a completely innovative multi-brand flagship store formula, in line with the new global strategy for in-store experience that the Piaggio Group is developing in the principal metropolitan areas around the globe.
The Motoplex is indeed a concept of stores aimed at the future, allowing dealers to take advantage of having multiple brands and products within the same space, a new retail frontier in the motorcycle industry. The Motoplex Stores are designed to offer customers an all-embracing perspective onto the world of two wheels in a space where, in addition to vehicles and accessories, they can find dedicated merchandising, a repair shop in many cases, and spend a moment of entertainment and amusement in the bar and lounge areas, where they can discuss races or the schedule of future releases.

Thanks to the Motoplex formula, the Piaggio Group has registered an improvement in the variety of products sold as part of up-selling and cross-selling initiatives, including a significant increase in the sales of accessories and merchandising, and a notable increase in bike “sell-outs” for “traditional” stores by the time of conversion to the new format. 

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