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Milano, 7 November 2017 – The new #lifestyle clothing line and accessories from Moto Guzzi is showcased at the 2017 EICMA International Motor Show, the most important europen event that will bring the industry professionals and thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts from all over the world together at Rho Fiera from 9 to 12 November 2017.

It’s a great chance to strongly and resolutely show the authenticity and Italianism of the Larian brand that transfer its heritage and expertise not only to the unique motorcycles hand assembled in Mandello del Lario plant since the 1921. The same quality can also be found in the spare parts, accessories, helmets and technical garments all the way to the lifestyle clothing that transcends the confines of motorcycling to move into the world of day-to-day use for all those who love a unique and exclusive style.

Moto Guzzi has never followed fashion, but on the contrary has always skilfully set new trends. In its glorious, almost centennial heritage, it has often paved the way to follow both on a technical and stylistic level.
The goal of the Moto Guzzi #lifestyle project is to transfer the authenticity, technical know-how and Italian taste of Moto Guzzi motorcycles to lifestyle garments. The strong bond between the creative layout that the bikes and garments have in common can be clearly seen in the attention to detail and the consistency with the design and stylistic concepts , permeated by the clear brand strategical vision. In fact, the new Moto Guzzi clothing line is an integral part of the complete offer and, drawing on the spirit of belonging, it proposes a total look that emphasizes the bond of quality that the motorcycle production and the #fashion clothing line have in common.

This new lifestyle range goes hand in hand with vehicle design, smoothly interpreting the essence and naturally riding the wave of technical and stylistic evolution undertaken by the Eagle brand in recent years, representing its expressive apex.
A path in unison that makes its official début in the fascinating custom world with its various versions, of which the V7II is the top. It goes down the path of authenticity even more boldly with the V9 in its two respectively elegant and minimalist spirits of Roamer and Bobber. It twists the throttle with the muscular Audace and the futuristic MGX-21.

Remaining true to this design approach, the mood of the new Moto Guzzi clothing line embodies two spirits, one more technical and the other more casual, characterized by a common and innovative aesthetic philosophy that brings back to life, giving it new form, the Moto Guzzi heritage, and borrowing styles that can be found the recent stylistic evolutions of new bike models. All of the parts have been conceived, designed and made by Moto Guzzi and they are subjected to strict control test cycles just like any other original part on the bike in order to guarantee a quality and long-lasting product.

The deep value of Italianism, along with the value of authenticity and uniqueness, can be clearly seen in the proudly Made in Mandello design, in the quality of the selected materials and in the painstaking attention to details, almost as if to transfer this significant heritage to each garment, sealed by the timeless symbols of Moto Guzzi passion such as the Italian flag, the Moto Guzzi logo and the Mandello Eagle.
A sense of pride, belonging, creativity and courage come through in other distinctive signs that become a sort of tribal talisman that reminds us every day of just how much Italian genius skilfully breathes life into brilliant solutions (V engines portrayed on the Classic theme Line), formidable undertakings (reproduction of Omobono Tenni's image for the Garage inspiration Line) and innovative product evolutions (historic bike models).

The Classic theme garments are dedicated to those who have a particular bond with the motorcycle world, passionate and attracted by the values of performance, as well as the technical and technological cutting-edge, besides being deeply fond of the representative value of the symbols that recall the heritage and engineering know-how of the Eagle brand. This is why the visual language of technical drawings is used, taken from the historical Moto Guzzi archives at Mandello del Lario, where in depth research was conducted to decide which images would be used to influence the style. Everything is transferred in the aesthetic choices of the garments in the Classic line, where the original and authentic Moto Guzzi spirit is emphasized by the use of red, black and anthracite grey colours. This is a celebration of pride in origins – expressed as “Proudly authentic motorcycles since 1921” – and the art of technical innovation that the aesthetic lines borrow, rich in a deep and powerful meaning of value. The stylization of the legendary transversal V-twin engine, the aesthetic look of the strong Audace personality and the red details that are recreated in MGX-21 style are all elements that blend all the power and intensity of the vehicles and technical products that inspired this Moto Guzzi line. From this, a #fashion proposal emerges with a strong and rebellious character, with a dark and non-conformist spirit, that gives those who embrace the aesthetic content an aggressively energetic and charming allure, particularly dear to those who have a strong personality and who accept no compromise.
The Classic theme garments are: Men's T-shirt, Women's T-shirt, Polo shirt, Sweatshirt, Hat

The great Moto Guzzi #garage initiative, dedicated to Customizing, is a true labour of love on your bike. Moto Guzzi has put together a complete line of accessories for enthusiasts that can be used either individually or in kits inspired by the Eagle brand's history. These are special pieces and parts that allow the creation of four styles and just as many distinct riding experiences.
The Garage theme garments are based on these principles, hinging on the custom concept, intended as an irresistible attitude to transform the surrounding world and the objects in it with your own personal touch. The desire for uniqueness also spills over into our choices of the clothing styles we wear
This is why Moto Guzzi exploits its inherent authenticity and, through the Garage inspired stylistic range, catalyses the wealth of imagery, pride, bold gestures and evocative power that only its unique heritage can convey.
For example, this Moto Guzzi clothing line proudly shows off a careful selection of motorcycles that are symbols of technical innovation and Italian genius, printing them on T-shirts with iconic value and contemporary style.
The same combination is available with T-shirts and sweatshirts bearing the image of an Italian motorcycle icon-rider like Omobono Tenni – nicknamed The Black Devil and joining Moto Guzzi in 1933 – who, astride the Eagle-branded Twin-cylinder, rode the legend of speed and showed how much courage tenacity and unfailing passion are still engraved in the hearts of millions of people all over the world.
This line dusts off the Moto Guzzi legend, placing it in a new setting to offer a young a contemporary style capable of expressing the relationship with the Legend in an extremely appealing way for a public that goes beyond the confines of the strictly motorcycling world. Colours are chosen (light grey and dark red) and details are designed (longer than usual shirts with rolled up sleeves) that are closer to the contemporary vintage flavoured #lifestyle #fashion, offering an aggressive style, elegantly rough and wild.
The Garage theme garments are: Men's T-shirt, Women's T-shirt, Children's T-shirt, Hoodie
In addition to this lifestyle collection showcased during the 2016 EICMA, Moto Guzzi introduces two brand new T-shirts to celebrate the iconic Moto Guzzi V7 III.
The two different T-shirt models are inspired by the Garage look and both have an elegant dark grey background.
The first one has an oversized graphic that encompasses the entire V7 III front view and is off-centered to convey a dynamic visual effect. The Moto Guzzi logo is elegantly printed on the back of the neck.
On the second shirt the V7 frontal view and Eagle logo is set in a circle of Guzzi red and adorned with the Moto Guzzi name and “Since 1921” legend.
A brand new sweatshirt thatreplicates the authentic Moto Guzzi race team apparel of the early 20s will be launched at EICMA 2017 and available at the Piaggio Group’s shop on the show stand. The casual but #classic look in grey make it easy to match with various clothing styles. A mix of merino wool and acrylic make it warm and cosy, while a patch logo on the chest and a button line detail on the left shoulder enrich the design with a tactile texture contrast and a distinctive asymmetrical effect.
Transversal to the Classic and Garage inspired lines, Moto Guzzi introduces to the public iconic outerwear, an heir to the motorcycling world, but at the same time detached to interpret its own role as a protagonist on the city streets: the Men's Biker Jacket and the Women's Biker Jacket. The legendary leather jack now comes back to life, inheriting the constructive know-how of technical wear without the restrictions of the original protective functions, but instead taking on the role of an iconic garment in the style of a Made in Mandello biker who has climbed out of the saddle to walk the city streets, keeping intact his spirit of freedom, courage and pride in the Eagle brand. In particular, the Men's Biker Jacket is reminiscent of the Perfecto archetype garment, a motorcycle jacket introduced in the late twenties that immediately became an icon of style. The Moto Guzzi brand version is even more captivating, thanks to the aggressive detail of the raw-cut profiles and the elimination of the waist belt.
The biker style Moto Guzzi proposes, with men's and women's leather jackets on the front line, moves outside of the comfort zone to interpret its role of timeless master keyin an authentic and original way to create perfect looks that you can show of during the day or in the evening, a magical garment that lets even those who simply embrace the style into the Moto Guzzi world. This way, both bikers and enthusiasts blend and, through their #fashion choices, have the chance to participate in the rich and imaginative heritage that only the Eagle brand can convey through both its motoring and fashion proposals.
All Moto Guzzi brand garments can be purchased at authorized dealers and Motoplex concept stores all over the world.