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Piaggio Beverly range



Launched in 2001, Piaggio Beverly revolutionised the medium engine capacity scooter market, introducing a new type of vehicle with an attractive design, brilliant performance and extremely safe, not only because of the large diameter wheels, but also thanks to the motorcycle-style chassis. Beverly's commercial success has always been accompanied by constant updates that have kept it at the top of its sales segment and the desires of the most advanced metropolitan users. The latest is the arrival of the SportTouring top of the range version that introduced, for the first time on a scooter, the ABS/ASR safety system duo and an innovative 350 engine with record setting performance.
With Beverly Piaggio completes its high wheel scooter offer capable of meeting any and all daily mobility needs. The Piaggio high wheel entry level is called Liberty, completely new and equipped with ABS and the new Piaggio i-get engine in the air cooled version. The passage from the entry level Liberty scooter to the large and luxurious Beverly is marked by the arrival of Medley, with a more complete standard equipment package that includes the “Start&Stop” system, the Piaggio i-get engine in the liquid cooled version, ABS and an incredible helmet compartment large enough for two flip up helmets. The newBeverly range therefore represents two benchmarks in the motorcycling progression of Piaggio high wheel scooter customers.

The changes in the Piaggio Beverly 300 and 350 family are:

The engines that power the Piaggio Beverly 300 and 350 have obtained Euro 4 approval. Both powerplants are advanced and modern units, designed to meet the increasingly strict European emissions regulations. This means that, thanks to the use of a new catalytic converter, a new silencer and an update to the electronic control unit maps, the two Piaggio single-cylinders become Euro 4 approved and maintain the brilliance and performance that have always characterised Beverly.
The entire Beverly range now has more features and a more complete standard equipment package. For all models, the ABS braking system and ASR traction control system are now included as standard equipment. The remote control to open the saddle and find your vehicle by making the turn indicators flash (“bike finder” function) also comes as standard equipment. The 12V socket, already included on the entire range, is replaced by the more functional USB port, handy to recharge any modern device. The entire Piaggio Beverly range is available in new and attractive colour variations, with brand new, dedicated trimming. Piaggio Beverly 300, 300S and by Police also have a new instrument cluster with ABS and ASR warning lights, and the rider can disable the latter using the button on the handlebar.

The new medium engine capacity Piaggio Beverly family is made up of:

Piaggio Beverly 300: a classic in urban mobility. Safe, reliable, with its 278 cc single-cylinder engine providing generous performance. The 'Made in Italy' design is characterised by elegant and popular shapes, where details such as the LED daylight running lights and brake light play a prominent role. Ideal for city and suburban commutes, thanks to a perfect riding position for the rider, erect and relaxed, excellent air protection and the carrying capacity of the helmet compartment, large enough to hold two flip up helmets.

Piaggio Beverly 300 S: the most sporty version of Beverly adds dedicated colour schemes and matt dark grey painted details that give it a young and aggressive look. The Piaggio Beverly 300 S also stands out for its chassis, inspired by a motorcycle chassis, with the fuel tank in a central position under the foot board to centralise the weight (at the same time freeing up space in the helmet compartment) for a more satisfying and safe riding experience, whether in or out of the city.

Piaggio Beverly 300 by Police: a special version of the Beverly 300 that stems from the combination of two Italian traditions of excellence like Piaggio and Police. This version also has all the technical characteristics that have made Piaggio Beverly so popular, including the liquid cooled, single-cylinder, four-stroke, four-valve engine - quick, reliable and parsimonious (31.3 km/l in the WMTC cycle).

Piaggio Beverly 350 SportTouring: the flagship of the Beverly range stands out for its equipment package and the benchmark performance provided by the 330 cc single-cylinder engine. This is an innovative unit, not only compared with the engines the power the Piaggio Beverly 300, but also compared with the competition in general. This is an engine designed to provide performance comparable to a 400 cc engine, but with compact dimensions and reduced weight in line with a 300 cc engine. This is the only engine in the category to use an automatic multiplate wet clutch that ensures better and more constant performance over time. Performance is outstanding in comparison with extremely low fuel consumption: over 30 HP of maximum power and 29 Nm of maximum torque, at 28.6 km/l fuel consumption (for the WMTC cycle).

Versions and colours for the new Beverly range

Piaggio Beverly 300 is available in the classic and popular Bianco Iceberg colour scheme or in the new matt Grigio Ardesia variation. Both are characterised by new stylistic details that they have in common, such as the black handlebar ends, the brown saddle with double “tone-on-tone” stitching, the final drive casing with black painted finish. There is also plenty of glossy light grey trim, such as the luggage rack, the fork guards, the passenger footrests, the central tunnel and the wheel rims.

Piaggio Beverly 300 S is available in the classic and dynamic Blu Sport colour scheme or in the new matt Argento Cometa variation. Both stand out for the new stylistic details that they have in common, such as the black saddle with red and grey double stitching, the black handlebar ends and the new black painted finish on the final drive casing. There is also plenty of matt dark grey trim, such as the luggage rack, the fork guards, the passenger footrests, the central tunnel and the wheel rims. 

Piaggio Beverly 300 by Police is available in the aggressive matt Nero Carbonio colour scheme and is characterised by the black saddle with light blue stitching, as well as plenty of chromium trim, such as the headlight and instrument cluster frame, the “tie” on the front shield and the mirrors with light blue glass. The “total black” look of this special Beverly version is highlighted by the plentiful black trim, such as the final drive casing, the handlebar ends, the luggage rack, the diamond edge wheel rims and the central tunnel.

Piaggio Beverly 350 SportTouring is available in four colour scheme variations: Bianco Stella, and Nero Carbonio (with black saddle and double red and grey stitching), Argento Cometa and Nero Galassia (with red saddle and double red and grey stitching). New matt dark grey details are matched to all four colour scheme variations, such as the luggage rack, the wheel rims, the central tunnel and the exhaust muffler heat guard.

Wide range of dedicated accessories

For the entire Piaggio Beverly range, a series of accessories is available capable of enhancing comfort and versatility in daily use.

  • Tom Tom Vio Piaggio Special Edition: the first GPS navigation device designed by Tom Tom for scooters is now available in an exclusive and Special Edition specifically developed for Piaggio Group and customized in terms of packaging, cover and splash screen.
  • 37-litre top box colour coded to match the vehicle and comfort back rest colour coded to match the saddle. It is large enough to hold one flip up or two jet helmets.
  • Leg cover, practical and integrated with the vehicle.
    Indoor and outdoor vehicle cover.
  • Electronic antitheft system with electronic key and remote control.
    Practical handlebar-lock mechanical antitheft device, clean, quick, safe and convenient.
  • Tunnel bag designed to be positioned on top of the central tunnel without disturbing the rider.
  • Windshield made of extremely high impact resistant methacrylate (4 mm thick) for excellent protection from the wind and cold.
  • Transparent top fairing capable of increasing protection from the wind.
  • Smoked top fairing (comes standard on Paggio Beverly 350 SportTouring): provides greater protection from the wind and a further sporty touch.
  • Matt black jet helmet, dedicated to the Piaggio Beverly 300 by Police.

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